The Process

Many labour intensive processes are used to craft Don Sheil products. It requires patience and skill, with many products taking weeks to finish. Every part of the process is done by hand, from the raw material all the way down to the final hand made signature each piece receives. Some processes include:
Hand painting
Our borders and many of our patterns such as Swirl and Stalagmite are hand painted, adding to the hand made character
We achieve our etched finish through a complex acid etching process
During production of a product, it is polished multiple times through each stage, using quality local sourced consumables. Metal polishing is labour intensive and requires a great eye for detail
Beating is used to achieve our famous hand raised pattern, as well as curving salad bowls and getting many products in to shape
Welding is a very specialised process, as the material we use is extremely technical and requires great skill
Because of the nature of our products they must be carefully anodised on racks by hand in our on site anodising plant. The clear anodic layer is a fraction of a millimetre and is extremely hard, which protects the product from scratching and tarnishing